Top 5 places to Fish in Door County

1. For those with the right gear and boat, target King Salmon on Lake Michigan from Sturgeon Bay north to Rock Island State Park. Usually in 60 feet of water or more, June through the end of September, these are some of the toughest-fighting fish the county has to offer!
2. For those without a boat and looking to get the kids some experience on some of the best fishing lakes in Wisconsin, try any of the sea walls in the harbors from Sturgeon Bay to Gills Rock. From May through September, Smallmouth Bass can be caught on leeches and crawlers set a few feet below a bobber. If the smallmouths aren’t as active as they could be, the bottom hugging gobies will keep the kids busy for hours!  *Note that the Round Goby is exotic species and cannot be kept. I suggest feeding the seagulls with them if caught.
3. For the serious walleye fisherman, spring and fall Sturgeon Bay walleyes are hard to beat. The next state record is swimming in these waters and one of these years, someone is going to land it!  If you want one for the wall, this is the place to catch it.
4. Bass fishermen with a boat should try Sturgeon Bay, Rowleys Bay, and Detroit Harbor on Washington Island for some monster smallmouth. Fish in these waters grow slowly so careful handling and catch and release is essential to maintain these fisheries.
5. A winter Whitefish trip to Larson’s Reef is a must for any serious ice fishermen. Pulling a 20 inch whitefish out of 65 feet of water on light tackle is a thrill!  Check the ice conditions, bring the family and friends and prepare for an awesome day on the ice!