BLOG: Fall Fun for Kids in Door County

The place to be in fall is Door County. With the extraordinary fall colors that will light up your eyes, the farmers markets you can smell for miles and the wonderful festivals where everybody in the family will find something that excites them. Fall is a great time to take a romantic getaway, you see plenty of honeymooners this time of year.  The theatres are still having regular performances and all of the businesses are still open for “the season”, but things are starting to wind down and you can really enjoy the beauty of Door County. A local kid can enjoy some fall fun too!

First, Door County is one of the best spots in Wisconsin to see the changing of the colors. They are just flat out amazing. You can tell that because you always see photographers and painters in Door County during fall.  Whether you stay on the highway or check out some of the back roads – oranges and reds surround you. A cool thing you can do is just look out the window at the fall colors as your traveling around Door County. It makes the time go quicker.

While enjoying the beautiful fall colors in Door County, I would insist you to go one or several of Door county’s wonderful farm/orchard markets. What is great about the markets is that they usually  have their special one thing whether it’s a cider donut or a great pumpkin pie.  There are things to try and eat while you are there and lots of good things to bring back home. Another fun thing is that the farmers markets in fall often  have some sort of entertainment like live music, pumpkin bowling, or even a corn maze. There is so much to do which really makes it fun for the whole family.

There is some sort of festival almost every weekend from mid- September to the end of October. These festivals are a great way for all of the family to find something to do. A cool thing is that almost every town in Door County has a festival which can be very accommodating. Some of the festivals are Harvest Fest in Sturgeon Bay, Autumn Fest in Baileys Harbor, Pumpkin Patch in Egg Harbor, Fall Fest in Sister Bay, and finally Jack O' Lantern Days which is held on Halloween in Fish Creek. Each of these festivals has some cool events like the car shows, costume contests for Halloween, cool fall decorations or the famous ping pong drop in Sister Bay.

Fall is a great time to be in Door County. Whether you’re sending your taste buds to heaven eating some great fall food, partying at one of the many festivals, or even sitting in one of the county parks losing yourself to the fall colors, Door County will not disappoint.