A Night at the Skyway Drive-In Movie Theatre

Last week, I packed up the girls, a few blankets and hoodies, and drove north to Fish Creek and the Skyway Drive-In Movie Theatre. The Skyway is one of only nine drive-ins left in Wisconsin, and the second longest continually operational outdoor theatre in the state. The iconic marquee at the Skyway Drive-In The iconic marquee at the Skyway Drive-In All facts aside, I was immediately transported back to my Ephraim girlhood, when my parents used to drop us off at the theatre and then head out to enjoy their evening. We kids would sit on the swings or the benches and watch the movie, or, as we got older, we'd hang around in the back rows of the drive-in and watch the teenagers getting into trouble. Did I ever get in trouble, you ask? I never kiss and tell. Pre-show: Tie down the hatchback and layer up! Pre-show: Tie down the hatchback and layer up! Very little has changed since those halcyon summer evenings, and that's an entirely good thing. It seems even the prices have stayed low! I don't know anywhere but the drive-in where an adult and two kids can see a movie and have a variety of sugary treats and popcorn for under $20. IMG_0739Brothers Jeffrey and Dale Jacobson, who purchased the business from their parents, see the value in keeping traditions alive. Although they no longer release a mosquito repelling fog from a car, as the first owners did, many other details are still the same, from the vintage trailers preceding the movie, to the setup of the concessions stand, to the swings in the front of the parking lot. Since the first flick was Despicable Me 2, there were lots of families enjoying the movie just as we were- trucks parked with their beds facing the screen, or camp chairs set up, piled high with blankets. Sound pumped from am radio stations and from those incredibly heavy and durable car speakers that will no doubt still be functional, along with cockroaches and twinkies, after the apocolypse. The young men at the concession stand were as nice as could be, and there were jumprope-sized lengths of licorice, sodas and popcorn all for the taking at bargain prices. The Skyway even still sells the same "Pic" mosquito coils that are advertised in their vintage ads before the show. Are they the very same ones that were for sale in 1982? It's possible, since I've never seen anyone actually using one. Fun with Friends (and candy) Fun with Friends (and candy) The movie was great, but even better than what was on the screen was seeing my kids and their friends snuggled up together enjoying one of the simple pleasures of an American summer- the drive-in. What's your favorite drive-in memory?