Relaxation & Wellness Escapes

Lay Back, Relax, & Recharge

If you’re in search of a remote and rustic retreat to get away from it all and recenter yourself, look no further. Door County has everything you might need for a trip spent relaxing—from spas, salons, shops, boutiques, and tucked-away lodgings to scenic golf courses, tranquil forest trails, and plenty of wide-open space. No matter how you like to unwind, Door County is the perfect place to find some peace and quiet and indulge in the things you love most.

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Self-Care Can’t Wait

Salons & Spas

Whether you’re prepping for your big day, scheduling some quality time with your friends, or simply treating yourself to an hour—or a day—of pampering, Door County’s salons and spas will leave you looking refreshed and feeling like new.

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The county’s courses offer something for all abilities, and all courses are within a short drive of each other, making Door County the perfect place for a golf-filled weekend.

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Scenic Attractions

From the climbing to the peaks of observation towers to traversing the sand dunes of the Lake Michigan coast to trekking through wooded forests to exploring the islands, caves, and bluffs left behind by glaciers, there's no shortage of ways to experience Door County's stunning scenic attractions.

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Boutiques & Shops

Explore Door County, WI's boutiques, shops, galleries, and markets. From Sturgeon Bay to Sister Bay, Door County shopping is top notch.

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Door County is home to a variety of beaches, from the sandy spots along Lake Michigan and Green Bay to the rare Schoolhouse Beach, which is one of just five limestone beaches in the world.

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