Warm Colors.
Cool Hiking.

Warm Colors. Cool Hiking.

Whether you’re strolling along winding roads, worn-down paths, or beautiful bluffs, you can find yourself surrounded by the stunning spectacle that fall brings to our area. The mix of crisp, refreshing air, the scent of nature, and the festive flavors create a truly magical time for Door County, one that’s not to be missed.

The ever-changing Door County landscape offers unique, expansive views filled with vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows, and sometimes, the stark contrast of blue from the cool waters of Lake Michigan. And there’s no shortage of opportunity to take it all in. Climb to the top of an lookout tower, get onboard an airplane tour, get out on the water and see the shoreline alight with color, or get completely immersed with a fall hike through one of our parks.

Fall in Door County is a favorite for many hikers and outdoors people alike, not only for the sights, but also for the sounds, smells, and atmosphere. It’s cozier, crisper, and crunchier than any other time of the year. While summer has its upsides for hikers like warmer weather, lush green trees and bountiful blossoms, fall gives you a calmer sense of belonging – a humble adoration of nature. It fills our noses with the smell of dew and moss, it alerts our senses when we step onto crunchy leaves, and it allows us to see the trails in a whole new light.

Follow the fall color report to find the best time to visit. And if you do plan on taking advantage of our trails, the Trail Map will come in handy.

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