Scenic Tours
in Door County

Set Your Sights on a Scenic Tour

Whether you're after scenic nature views, close-up looks at historic landmarks, a memorable on-the-water experience, or a day spent exploring main streets and back roads, a scenic tour is one of the best ways to explore the peninsula and Washington Island. Team up with a local who knows the inns and outs of your destination, and get out on the water or take to the streets to see it all.

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4+ Kinds of Tours

Boat Tours
Boat tours give you a unique perspective of the environment and geology of Door County. The water offers stunning views of towering bluffs and caves you can’t see from land, plus some of the county’s most beautiful shoreline homes and boathouses. Enjoy the view from a tour boat or a kayak, ferry, or fishing charter.

Trolley Tours
Trolley tours combine food and drink with scenic vistas and historical storytelling. Find Door County’s hidden ghosts, learn about the history behind our most iconic landmarks, and meet new friends as your jaw drops taking in stunning scenery.

Walking & Biking Tours
You can also keep it laid back with a bike tour in several different communities or a historic walking tour through Ephraim, a picture-perfect village of historic piers, churches, lodgings, and homes.

Segway Tours
Segway tours offer a way to soak in the scenery at a different pace than a hike or a drive. These are perfect for family outings with people of varying fitness and health levels who still want to experience the fresh air.

Even More Tours
If by water or by street doesn't do it for you, consider an airplane ride for epic aerial views or a carriage ride for old-fashioned fun.

4 Fascinating Tour Destinations

Door County Bluffs
Door County Bluffs are a big part of the peninsula’s ecological scene as well as a popular site for tourists and are best viewed by boat or kayak. There are several boat tours that offer bluff-specific scenic tours or other guided tours that include bluff visits.

These iconic Door County landmarks are not only great places for photo ops, but are reminders of the importance of maritime history to Door County’s past and present. Door County lighthouses are best viewed from the water but many of them also offer walking tours of the grounds they are on as well as a look into the lighthouse itself. 

BONUS: The Door County Maritime Museum offers two yearly Lighthouse Festival tours that take participants on a tour of Door County lighthouses, even ones that are typically closed to the public.

Door County is home to eight wineries (plus a cidery), each with their own unique styles and flavors that can appeal to many different palates. Visit and do a tasting and learn about the wine as well as a vital part of Door County industry.

One of the best ways to experience wineries is via trolley. The Door County Trolley offers a tour that takes you through the Door County Wine Trail to see different wineries.

While they aren’t easy to see if you take a stroll through Door County, shipwrecks are a big part of the ‘scenery’ of Lake Michigan. The best ways to see these shipwrecks is with a guide on either a kayak or boat.