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Door County, Wisconsin Getaway

Door County is Ideal for Weekend Getaways in Wisconsin

With dozens of lakeside communities, 300 miles of lighthouse-dotted shoreline, thousands of acres of wooded greenspace, and countless coves and harbors to explore, there are so many ways to do Door County. The region’s small-town charisma, maritime history, and seaside charms have earned it the epithet of “the Cape Cod of the Midwest,” an honor we’re proud to boast (even if we like to think of Cape Cod as the Door County of the Northeast).

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5 Types of Door County, Wisconsin Getaways

A trip to Door County can take nearly any form: a couples’ retreat, a wine-fueled friends’ reunion, a family-bonding weekend, a rejuvenating solo sojourn, or a simple escape from the quotidian. In Door County, the getaway styles are endless and the possibilities for uplifting experiences are limitless. With so many ways to live life well here, Door County is the ultimate spot for a weekend getaway in Wisconsin.

  • Friends’ Weekends: If you and your friends are looking for a place to relax and recollect, look no further than Door County. From spas and salons to fine dining and wineries to extreme-sports weekends, the region has countless opportunities for reconnecting with friends—no matter your interests or vacation styles.

  • Couples’ Getaways: As one of the best places for a romantic getaway in Wisconsin, Door County is ideal for couples looking to snag some alone time. Quaint and quiet cabins or bed-and-breakfasts can be found throughout the county, food and wine await, and 300 miles of shoreline offer plenty of elbow room for romantic sunset picnics.

  • Family Time: If your family is searching for a kid-friendly getaway, Door County may just be the solution. Whether you want to keep things light and breezy at the beach or focus on education and edification at a museum, the region can deliver a fun-filled family weekend getaway.

  • Family Reunions: Bring the great-great aunts, second cousins twice removed, and brothers-in-law out of the woodwork for a family reunion in Door County! No matter how large your family is, we have lodging, restaurants, and attractions that can accommodate the group and enable its bonding, reminiscing, and cheek-pinching.

  • Solo Trips: There’s something special about a solo vacation. Maybe it’s the physical separation from the familiar; maybe it’s the need to rely on oneself for company. Perhaps it’s the unfettered time for introspection and observation. No matter what the goal of your solo trip is, you can achieve it gliding atop Door County’s waters, traversing its hiking trails, swinging across its golf courses, exploring its many spiritual sites, or sampling its wares in corner taverns.

Choose Your Adventure

Part of Door County’s uniqueness is its versatility: visitors with all kinds of interests and inclinations can find what they’re looking for in a vacation here. From those looking to reinvigorate their spiritual sides in the wilds of nature and travelers trying to escape the ordinary, to adventure-seekers, adrenaline-heads, big spenders, and bookworms, there’s something for everyone on a Door County getaway.

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Whether your getaway is a weekend or week, you will find endless adventure and moments of pure relaxation.