Door County Cherries:
Rustic Beauty You Can Taste

A Sweet, Sweet County Tradition

Door County's cooler spring months and unique soil composition make it an ideal spot for growing cherries. Early farmers in the county observed this and developed some of the earliest and largest fruit orchards in the state. Some of the biggest names in the county—such as Seaquist, Lautenbach, and Zettel—got their start with a modest grove of cherry trees, eventually making the words "Door County" synonymous with "cherries."


Cherry Blossom Report

Current Stage

Stage 1 - Budding

As early as mid-April, the cherries will—slowly, carefully—begin to bloom. Buds in shades of green and white will emerge and, for the next few weeks, mature and grow.

Florets, eventually puffy and floppy, will grow from the plant’s interior, indicating things are moving along smoothly.

Stage 2 - Blossoming

Once mid-May rolls around and the blossoms are in full bloom, it’s primetime! The blooms start in the south and continue up the county over a one to two-week time period. 

Door County’s 2,000 acres of cherry orchards and 500 acres of apple orchards will be blanketed in white and pink, and the earliest-arriving wildflowers will bring their greens, yellows, and baby blues as well. A just-perceptible cherry aroma has been known to waft through the air during this time.

Act fast though—the full-bloom stage usually only lasts about two weeks, with apple blossoms’ peak time arriving about a week later.

Stage 3 - Petals Fall

Depending on how cool the blooming season was, this stage can last up to 10 days. Colder temperatures just prior to bloom will result in a longer blooming period.

After 10 or so days, the cherry trees’ blossoms will begin to fall, one by one, and the fruit will appear, signaling it will be ready in a few weeks.

Stage 4 - Green Cherries

We’re getting there! Peak season is achingly close, and while some trees may be bearing fully formed cherries at this point, most cherries won’t be ready to pick or eat for a little while yet.

If you’re planning a trip or even just a day-drive to experience the cherries, start charting your course! Consider a cruise up Highway 42 or a dusty backroad, or plan to simply hop in the car and see where the pavement takes you.

Stage 5 - Yellow Cherries

Nearly there! The cherries’ sprouts will take on a yellow-green look as they’re on the verge of harvest readiness.

Now’s the time to dust off your cherry bucket and pie recipes!

Stage 6 - Ready to Pick

During the dog days of summer—those long, sweltering days in mid-July to mid-August—Door County’s cherries will be ready for the picking.

Local orchards and farms will be open for cherry-picking excursions. And markets, roadside stands, and country stores will stock up their shelves with fresh jams, pies, wines, and plenty of the tart stone fruits themselves.

Stage 7 - Out of Season

By August’s end, the cherries will, more or less, be out of season.

But fear not!

As the weather and season transition, cherries and their byproducts will be available in stores and on menus throughout the county, throughout the rest of the year, until April comes around and the cherry buds make their appearance yet again.

Cherry Blossom Report

Current Stage

Cherry Wheel Stage 1
Cherry Wheel Stage 2
Cherry Wheel Stage 3
Cherry Wheel Stage 4
Cherry Wheel Stage 5
Cherry Wheel Stage 6
Cherry Wheel Out of Season

Current Stage

Where to Get the Full Cherry Experience

  • A Cherry De-Lite/Country Ovens Ltd.
  • B Door County Fruit Connection
  • C Grandma Tommy's Country Store
  • D Koepsel's Farm Market
  • E Lautenbach's Orchard Country Winery & Market
  • F Seaquist Orchards Farm Market
  • G Wienke's Market
  • H Soren's Valhalla Orchards LLC
  • I Bea's Ho-Made Products
  • J Wood Orchard Market

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Where to Pick Your Own Cherries

Between mid-July and mid-August, Door County’s cherry crop will turn from a golden yellow to a deep red. Orchards offering pick-your-own experiences include Lautenbach’s Orchard, Meleddy Orchard, and Sorens Valhalla. Grab your buckets and get picking.

Experience the Cherries from Afar

Want to experience the feeling of picking cherries in a breezy summer orchard but can't be up here in person? Explore the cherries in a virtual experience to learn all about the late-summer harvest that's come to define so much about Door County.

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Door County is known for a lot of things—including its picturesque views, vibrant food scene, and lively history—but cherries may be its ultimate claim to fame.