Sturgeon Bay:
Big City,
Small-Town Charm

Watch: City Living by the Water

Sturgeon Bay is the City that Lives On, and For, the Water

Historic charm and the natural beauty of a strategic shipping corridor meet a blue-collar ethic in Sturgeon Bay, Door County’s world-renowned shipbuilding hub. From thousand-foot lakers to small bass-fishing boats, this community’s heritage is all about boats and water.

You can visit the acclaimed Door County Maritime Museum or admire the historic Michigan Street Bridge. Visitors can feast their eyes on historic fishing tugs or the jaw-dropping enormity of container ships. But Sturgeon Bay offers much more than looking: here lies the heart of the county’s music scene, a vibrant arts mecca, and historic shopping districts laden with dining, pubs, and cozy coffee shops. All of this envelops the marvel of the Sturgeon Bay canal and natural wonders of the Potawatomi State Park and nearby preserves. Learn more at

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Sturgeon Bay Restaurants

Restaurants in Sturgeon Bay

Sturgeon Bay’s dining and drinking scene is as diverse as they come, with fine dining in historic landmarks, sushi, ethnic restaurants, healthy kitchens, greasy spoons, and everything in between. One constant is the imprint of the city’s nautical past, represented in the art, on its menus, and in the names of the establishments that make Sturgeon Bay an authentic representation of small-town America.

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Lodging in Sturgeon Bay

With a sprawling resort and conference center on the canal, shoreline resorts on the edges of the city, national hotels, themed hotels, and historic B&Bs nestled into the fabric of a neighborhood, Sturgeon Bay has every type of accommodation imaginable. You’ll find plenty of rental homes and condo options, plus campgrounds outside the city.

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Sturgeon Bay Lodging

Things to Do in Sturgeon Bay

Once a year, Bay Shipbuilding opens its doors for up-close tours of its facility, but you can admire its work on the bay all year long, especially when the Winter Fleet arrives. Sturgeon Bay is a fisherman’s mecca, with some of the best bass fishing in the world. Tour a restored tug, visit the phenomenal Door County Maritime Museum, learn the history of Door County, stroll down historic 3rd Avenue, or step into nature at Potawatomi State Park on the city’s edge. From sunrise to sunset, you’ll find a never-ending list of great activities in Sturgeon Bay.


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8 Must-Dos in Sturgeon Bay

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